Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moved to AZ

Wow, it's been a while.  So I am no longer living in Seattle, I'm back in Tucson where I was born.  I spent my first 18 years here until I joined the military, I didn't plan on living here ever again but things happen and you do what you gotta do.  I am going to try to not let it go so long between posts but since nobody has commented on any of my posts I don't think it will really matter, oh well, peace.

Monday, September 7, 2015

My First Time continued part 2

     Well, even though there have been no responses to my part 1 post, here is the continuation to my previous "First Time" post.  I'll try to be more concise since I kinda felt that I was running on and on a bit in my part 1 post.  Once again, please forgive me for my lack of writing skills.

     So there I was, in the mall restroom stall, holding on to some strangers cock and balls that had been shoved through the hole in the wall and all of a sudden I hear "Suck It" coming from the guy who's business I was holding onto.  I don't think I need to tell you that I was kinda thrown for a loop.  I knew that I liked boys, but I sure as heck didn't think that today I'd be holding someone else's dick for the first time, much less did I think I'd be getting told to suck said dick, LOL.  Well that was the exact situation I found myself in and boy was I confused.  I'm sure you can all relate and know what I'm talking about.  It seemed that confusion was just one of the many feelings I was having at the time.  I didn't know what to do, I just kinda sat there with this strangers johnson throbbing in my hand.  All of a sudden I hear his voice again and he says "Go on, suck it" drawing me out of my thoughts.

     That was when I realized that I either needed to do as he said, or let go of this object of my nightly stroke fantasies and run out of that restroom pretending it never happened but still wishing with every fiber in my being that my fantasies would come true and that I could touch and play with a real life throbbing cock that wasn't my own.   I honestly didn’t think I was going to do it because I was so nervous, but I squeezed it again and when it throbbed in my hand I knew I couldn’t leave.   I guess to work up my nerve and allow myself to continue, I told myself that I was already holding this stranger’s dick so what was the difference.   I think at that point, after kinda giving myself permission, I was no longer thinking about the what-ifs but was only thinking about the cock in front of me.   I remember that it seemed like it had taken forever to get to this point but it couldn’t have been too long.   I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of my love for cock and I would do anything to get a hold of it from that day forward, and I do mean anything, especially for the next couple years after this first experience.

     I slowly leaned forward towards this hard cock and my heart was beating a mile a minute.   I obviously didn’t know exactly what to do, so I opened my mouth and slid that fucker right in.   I couldn’t take all of his dick in my mouth but when he started thrusting back and forth a bit I could feel the head of his cock on my tongue.   I started using my tongue to feel his cock and he really seemed to like it, so I kept on doing it.   He must have realized I wasn’t going to be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth because he told me to use my hand to stroke his cock too.   I was really enjoying what was happening and I could tell he was enjoying it as well.   His moans from the other side were really spurring me on and getting me so excited that I let go of his balls and reached down between my legs to grab my own dick and stroke it a bit as well.   This went on for a bit until I heard him say “grab my balls again” so I let go of my dick and grabbed his nuts and squeezed them a bit.   This really seemed to do it for him because I heard him say “yeah that‘s it, just like that, keep stroking my cock” then he said he was gonna cum.   I didn’t know that I could’ve just kept his cock in my mouth and let him shoot his load.

     I took my mouth off his cock and he said “keep stroking it cuz I‘m gonna shoot” so I kept sliding my hand up and down his shaft, all the while knowing that sperm was about to squirt out of his dick.   I watched the tip of his dick while I stroked him, just waiting to see his sperm.   All of a sudden he started jerking and grunting and the first shot of his spooge came shooting out of his cock.   That first blast hit me right in the face, right next to my nose.   I was so startled that I stopped stroking him but he kept thrusting in and out of my hand unloading rope after sticky rope of his hot cum.   Another shot of his sperm landed right above my upper lip, as it dripped down my lips I just had to reach out with my tongue and see if it tasted like mine.   I realized he was quietly saying “suck it, suck it” over and over again, so I opened my mouth and put it around his dick again and started sucking.   He went wild, thrusting his cock forward like if he was trying to shove his entire length down my throat.   It drove me crazy and I just had to keep working his cock over, I’ve been the same way ever since and whenever a guy shoots his load in my mouth it just sends me over the top with lust.

     When it was all over and he was completely satisfied he slowly slid his cock back out of the hole, leaving me with nothing but the taste of his load in my mouth and a feeling of wanting more and more.   I was now a completely different person with a new outlook, and an actual goal in my young life, which was to do this over and over again, as soon and often as possible.   This is when I heard him say “put your cock through and let me suck you” and I was about to be introduced to a whole new experience.

     If you enjoyed this and want to hear more, please let me know, sorry I failed to keep this as concise as I meant to, LOL.   Thanks for taking the time to read this and take care.

Monday, June 22, 2015


So along with the Poncho bash, I started on a Mac from "Predator" custom bash figure as well.  I think the Poncho might be just about done, so I think I will be concentrating more on Mac for now.  I will try to get a good pic of the Poncho posted if I get a chance.  For now, here is a pic of the inspiration for my next custom bash, the man, "Mac" himself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MAD Magazine #202

So I found out that it was MAD Magazine issue #202 that started my odd and naughty little fascination with tan-lines. It came out in October of 1978 so I was a delicate little eight year old boy, LOL. But even at that tender age, I still knew that something about a boy bottom intrigued me, I just didn't know or understand what that quite was yet.  Oh well, here I am all these years later and tan-lines still do it for me, who knew, LOL.

Here is a look at the cover art without all the copy.

Surfer by Harry Bush

So hot and so is all his other work, lots of boys with big dongs, luv it.  This might be his only non-nude LOL, I'm not sure though so I will probably have to go through all his art just to find out.  I luv the tan-lines on this guy.  I have always had a thing for tan-lines and I think it stems from my first naughty exposure to them.  It was a cover from MAD Magazine that came out when I was a kid, I don't remember the year or exactly how old I was when that issue came out but I'm gonna try and find out.  If I figure it out I will post the cover here.

White Wabbit

Here is an original character named "Tai" from but drawn by somebody who goes by the name "White Wabbit" and I had to share it cuz I just think it is simply the cutest thing ever drawn LOL.  Hope you like it as much as I do.  Now please excuse me while I go and try and find more art by this White Wabbit.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Here is another great piece from and it's one of my favorites because of the One-Stars that he is wearing, the baseball cap doesn't hurt either LOL.  He does such a great job of still making it sexy and sensual without showing any genitals, it's just great, he is so talented.  If you've never checked out his site you definitely should, he rocks.